Welcome to The Onshoring Blog!

By: Amrita Joshi

With just one week until our flagship event, RevAmerica 2015, this seems like the perfect time to launch The Onshoring Blog. If you have not checked out our event yet, take a look at our program and fabulous speaker lineup at www.revamerica2015.com.

The Onshoring Blog will cover a wide variety of topics that impact and influence the American onshore industry. Specifically we plan to cover:

  • How onshoring fits into a global sourcing strategy
  • Current and future value propositions for onshoring
  • How America can retain its innovation edge globally
  • How to train, recruit and develop American talent
  • How to promote and market the industry as a whole
  • Anything else our readership feels is important to the industry!

We want to have an open, honest dialogue on the value of American IT and BPO services – and appreciate all points of view. We know that major players in the global services space have varying opinions and look forward to having a professional discussion on those different views as addressing them head-on can only help move the industry forward.

We need you to contribute! One of the challenges in the onshore market is that it is very fragmented- There are so many fantastic players in the market that don’t define themselves as “onshore”. Please let us know who you are and contribute to the discussion! To contribute to The Onshoring Blog – please email us at [email protected].

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